I fear not to feel.

I fear not to feel. I do not fear hurt. I fear not to fall in love again.

I miss those days so much. Those 30 something days when I was so happy, when the world was perfect the way it was. Everything was so peaceful, I felt so complete... so me.

Those days of lying on the grass, looking at the sky, quite songs, light food, walking by the river, kissing by the lake, making love... those days, ah, those days are missed. I was comfortable, so comfortable, like you told me you were when with me. We did not need to talk sometimes. We just needed to be there... together. Those days will not be forgotten.

Those days are my definition of happiness.
And I catch myself asking why all can’t happen again. Not again with those blue eyes, not again with the same actions, in the same place. It is past. But again with the same peace. Everything just happened. No questions, no fears, no plans, no hesitations, no complications. It was all about the moment. All tears that came when I had to leave were worth it. Every single one of them. So I do not fear to feel. I fear not to. Memories are moments and so is LIFE.


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