Puzzle girl meets Blue-eyed boy

Part 1 – Background
The story begins on 1981 in Samba Land, but this part starts on 2009, at some point.
Puzzle girl wanted to go somewhere. She studied German, but ended up in Winter Land.
She wondered if there was still hope for love in her life. Once she was hurt so much, now healed, but had doubts about the existence of this feeling, from simple likeness to eternal love, even passion. Did she ever fall in love?
Then she went to Winter Land.
Before going she looked it up at pictures on someone’s page for curiosity. She liked one but thought "I guess he would never look at me, he looks so popular and hot".
She went to Winter Land and met great people on the first weeks at First Place. That place promised great moments. But then she had to go to Tiny Place. The work was good, almost perfect. But she was sad, so sad, missed her home, her family and her friends. She couldn't wait to go back to Samba Land! She had no hope in finding that extra thing (love, passion or just a kiss) that would make the trip perfect. She thought a lot about past and future. She had peace and time to focus. She went all around Tiny Place, had fun, saw beautiful places, but found no extra thing!

Part 2 – Coincidences: blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl… ooooo the sweest thing!
Finally the day of coming back to First Place arrived. She was so happy! More people! More fun! She believed. Well, and it happened. She just wanted to dance. Dance all night long... as she always loved. She had forgotten about the extra thing. She just wanted to have fun and that what mattered. She sang and went dancing with her friends. First bar sucked. They went to the Second one. And suddenly there he was… the guy she’d liked on pictures. She tried not to pay attention, after all, she didn’t believe he was looking at her. That was kind of absurd to her. Puzzle girl needed to believe more in herself and her beauty. That night was the start of Winter Land showing her that she had much more potential than she thought. She met him briefly and had no idea of how it was going to be.

Part 3 – First chatting
Next day. Surprise! He was on her page. She had no doubt and showed that she wanted to meet him again. What did she have to lose? Three days later they met at the Second bar again. They talked, he paid her a drink, they exchanged numbers. They talked about food and cooking for each other. She liked him, he was different from Samba Land’s guys. No kiss. In Samba Land she would have find it very disappointing and weird. But in Winter Land she liked the way it went. And for some reason, she had no doubts they would meet again. That’s something new for Puzzle girl. She always doubted that guys were telling her the truth, because in Samba Land rules are kind of different… and she doesn’t like it! She doesn’t like games.

Part 4 – First date
Ring ring… message! First date on schedule. But before that they met on a Friday night at her place, a surprise to her. She was so shy. They sat on a sofa and talked… she liked him, he was so calm! The point is that he was different from guys she had met before and everything else was different. He didn’t rush. That made she want even more to kiss him! And when it finally happened she felt like this:

Each touch a feeling
A sensation
The world stops
The breathing stops
But the heart...
The heart beats stronger

He said that it was not fair to meet her and she had to leave, but immediately said that it was too soon for saying that. She didn’t think so… for her, it was cute! Made she feel special.
She couldn’t wait for Tuesday night!

Part 5 – Official first date
Tuesday night, but still light. Puzzle girl found his home. Blue-eyed boy apologized that everything was not ready. She didn’t mind, she liked observing how he was cooking, organizing things… nobody cooked for her before. Well, at least nothing so “fancy”! And she like the way he was doing it. She also observed his home’s details. Paintings she saw at his page, his DJ stuff… records, many records! Maybe the first time she liked a guy from the beginning. Not maybe, for sure! She was very pick and hard to please, but this time… she fell in love very soon. She didn’t know if it was him or she more opened to life! After all she had decided living what was there to be lived. She still doesn’t know.
They ate salmon, rice and salad (with avocado and strawberries). And there was a miracle! She ate salad! And Puzzle girl ate it all! A change that was going to last…
Good meal, good company… a walk on the park. She remembered the second time she had a boyfriend and wanted to go walking on a square, many years before. And he didn’t want to go because there was nothing to do there. She remembered that she thought “enjoy ourselves, talk”, but she said nothing. She was too shy to say something like that. She still is for several things. And in all those years it was the first time someone wanted to do that with her. She always looked at couples walking on parks and desired that. They stopped for a while and the sun hit his eyes… these eyes were going to inspire her!
After a while they came back to his home. Dessert! Strawberry with chocolate. They ate, talked, looked at each other, felt each other… pleasant songs… and she felt like this:

I love your finger tips
The soft touch while sliding them on my body
Hot, cold, shiver
Blue eyes
I love you finger tips
Make me desire the rest of your body
Blue eyes
I love you finger tips
That when come together with your look
Everything becomes fog
Everything becomes nothing
Blue eyes

(In Portuguese is more beautiful)

She fell in love! She had never fallen in love before, not like this, not even close to this, with such inspiration!

Part 6 – Between heaven and hell
Everybody noticed that Puzzle girl was different. She was happy. Like she wasn’t for a long time!
Puzzle girl met Blue-eyed boy several times. They always had dinner, walked, talked. She liked to watch him doing home stuff. He was organized! She loves that… really does! She loved the way he called dogs on the streets… one day they laughed so much about it! And he also liked kids… so cute the way he talked to them!
She loved the way he touched her, talked to her, looked at her… always so tender.
She translated her poem about him. She was so, so shy, but she did that. Another thing that she had never done before! Salad and declaring herself… he really inspired changes.
One day they lay down on the park and talked, relaxed, looked at the sky. A very hot day. They bought ice cream that day and spent a lot of time outside. It was one of those moments of her life that could be frozen and lived several times. Too bad it is not possible. And she felt sad because going home was close.
She will never forget when he sang “See you soon” on the bed, holding her. She still doesn’t know if it really meant something. He was kind of a mystery.
Once he said “all that matters is that she is going”, but he always took those things back… she was always unsure about his feelings. She could feel that he liked her, but never how much or what all those moments meant to him. The intensity, the importance. She still has no idea! Because there is always a difference between what we think and what it really is… just because what we want and feel is there, blinding us. And she knew that pretty well, by experience. But one thing is real. He always surprised her.
They watched only one movie. The Royal Tenenbaums. And she didn’t miss eating popcorn! She was with him. Who knows Puzzle girl knows that it really means something. She is CRAZY about popcorn!
She loved to see him as a DJ. The way he touched the records… kind of reminded her the way he touched her. So calm behind those records, enjoying his music. He looked at her sometimes and smiled. She will never forget his way when playing.
They also had great times when she taught him Portuguese. He had great potential in learning! And he liked listening to her speaking Samba Land’s language.
They had really nice moments! And it felt like they were dating for a long time… well, at least longer than it really was. She felt comfortable with him, safe and happy.

Part 7 – The hardest part
The first goodbye was easy. She was going North and soon coming back. The bus was coming. They kissed, he said “saudade” (I miss you in Portuguese). That meant a lot to her. He remembered how to say it… and said it to her! She was so happy that day that she slept so well! Usually before travelling she can’t sleep. She got late, but that’s other story!
She thought about him every single day and realized how hard it was going to be to live without him back home. Without everything.
Back from North, they met on the same day she arrived. He picked her up. She had no idea they were going to spend almost all her time left in First Place together. He kissed her like he was missing her, hold her like he missed her. They tried not to think about the fact that soon they were going to be apart, but at some points it was inevitable and they saw each other sad. She cried at some point. But they also enjoyed each other as much as they could. And it seemed that it was more than a day and a half…
He took her to the lake. Several times he told her that he was going there and she was happy to see that place. They lay on the grass, talked and she looked at him wanting to record every detail in her mind to never forget or at least not to forget until they meet again, if they will. Life could be always like that. Without the part of leaving, of course.
She had to meet her friends for dinner, he had to prepare his things for playing that night. On the way to the restaurant she had to be strong. All she wanted was to cry, cry like a baby. It was one of the worst feelings ever. But she got off the car and walked towards the restaurant. She wanted to run away, but went upstairs, had a beer and the tears were hold inside.
She couldn’t sleep. On the way to the airport she wanted to cry, but she didn’t. Everything went wrong that day. At some point she just found a hidden sit in the airport, sat and cried… for everything. But even if she had cried for days she wouldn’t have cried enough to get everything out her chest. That was one of the longest days of her life! And she didn’t go home that day.
He picked her up in the airport and they came back to First Place. In the end it was important. They talked about them, about life. She felt he was trying to keep a distance. He was different. She knew that he was on a different situation than usual, but she didn’t know to what extend it was because of his situation or their situation. Some things got clearer, but she couldn’t distinguish between heart and reason. Because in this case reason can make heart look less present, important, meaningful.
They were together for one last time and looked at each other’s eye almost all the time. It was beautiful.
He drove her to the airport again. She was so happy about going home that it was easier to say bye than last time. But just until the plane started taking off. She started crying and just stopped when fell asleep.

The end (?) – In Samba Land.
She was happy to see her family, friends and dogs. But that was it. Nothing more.
Now she believes in love. Well, at least in passion. But she wonders if love can last forever or if love has to end up in suffering... always. She can control her head, but she cannot control her heart. For her, it's the worst feeling ever. She knows what she wants and it's not only up to her to make it happen.
She can go back to Winter Land. First for a short period again, then for a long one. But, will it be too late?
Sometimes she wants to forget him just to avoid suffering. She doesn’t know what is happening to him, how he feels about this, about her, whether he misses her or not, whether he still wants to see her again or not, whether he wants to keep this feeling and give it a shot… well, she isn’t even sure about what he felt when they were together. What she thinks is based on what she felt, not what she heard. And she doesn’t know why it has to be so important to hear some stuff, not only feel them.
Sometimes she doesn’t want to forget him. She wants to be strong and fight for him. Go back and try. See what it is going to happen, live more of that or lose him to another girl or life or time.
She feels stupid because she is still in love with him, even though they talked briefly two or three times only. She thinks about him every day. She remembers him several times. She wishes she could be with him, go back in some days, but she can’t rush things and the clock, and most important, change the rules! She must finish work. She wants to know what is happening to him, but she feels bad because she started last conversations. It is like she wants to talk to him, but he doesn’t want to talk to her. She is lost and incomplete. And feeling stupid. And still, she is not ashamed of showing that. Another great change in her!
Anyway, the feeling may stay or go away, they may or not stay together one or several times again, but she will never forget these pages of her life and the changes he caused in her (or made them keep going), good ones, will stay. And in the end, that’s the happy ending. What happens that changes us, makes us better. The good moments of life, the moments that make us happy. The past that we look at with joy. Puzzle girl will be fine. It’s just another phase of adaptation through changes and new decisions. And for one that always knew what to do, it’s really an adaptation!


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