Why do I feel angry so many times?
Why do I feel this confusion here?
Is it here or just a reality that fall asleep when I’m not here?
I just want my peace back
I just want that feeling in my heart
Why do I feel so out of place?
Before going I felt so out of place so many times
Now it’s even worse
I feel like home because of friends
But I don’t really feel like I belong here
All seems temporary
It’s not comfortable
It’s not safe
Nothing is safe, nowhere
But at least it felt like this
Why do I feel this sadness?
Why do I feel this pressure?
Why do I feel so angry?
I just feel I don’t belong here
Like I always did
But now I know it
How can I make me feel safe in my own skin again?
What is it?
Place? Time? Someone? You?
I guess that’s me, the puzzle
The solved puzzle trying to get back the found piece that is away
That is not here again

Where am I going?


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