One more Pollination Course

Yeah... it's long since I last wrote here. But there's a very good reason.
I was at the International Pollination Course one more time. And again... it was great!
I met old friends, made new ones. Lots of fun. Besides learning. I was a monitor, but still a student.
The place was beautiful, just amazing. I love Araucaria trees.
The fog... the cool wind... the mountains... the trails... the flowers...
Nature brings peace. Walking by myself there just made me hear nature and hear myself better. Walking with others just made me see how we need other people to be happy.

Many things happened there. Maybe if I had written while I was there good texts would come up, funny tails, but now I cannot express myself well, with that much true. Everything is in my memory and will be kept there with love. Being "away" from the world brings several feelings and being like this with several people make your world go under review. Good though.
And the nights were something special. Drink, dance, chat... feeling good and free. In a small world within the world.


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